Charles Tournemire


This recording is both a hommage to Charles Tournemire, the composer and brilliant improviser, and a return to the source which so greatly inspired him: Gregorian chant.

For the art of the master of Saint Clotilde cannot be separated from the antiphons, hymns, sequences and alleluias, which punctuate the liturgy, and on which he improvised with unforgettable genius.

“L’Orgue mystique” is not only the greatest cycle ever written of pieces based on Gregorian chant, it is also a homage to all the anonymous composers and musicians who have contributed along the centuries to the Gregorian tradition.

Even more than in his other works for organ, it is in “L’Orgue mystique” that Tournemire reveals his immense talent as a liturgical improviser. 

“Susan Landale shows a complete understanding of this austere but wonderful universe.  This is a disc to return to many times; it reaches far beyond a mere musical performance, and offers us an intensely spiritual experience”.





Composition Orgue

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