Cesar Franck: Complete works for grand orgue.


Recorded during 18 months on three different instruments by Cavaillé Coll, corresponding to the style and character of each piece (Saint Etienne’s Abbey, Caen; Saint Sulpice, Paris and Santa Maria del Coro, San Sebastian) this album contains the twelve pieces  for grand orgue of César Franck.                                                        

“The fervent balance which drives this complete recording combines force and humanity, lyricism and drama, elevation and emotion, boundless energy and moderation, generous simplicity and a vertiginous mastery of all its elements – including the instruments – revealing them as complementary rather than contrary. A Franck that is ardent and human, that rings completely true.

Enthralling ! » 
(Le Monde de la Musique)

"A disciple of André Marchal, Susan Landale surpasses here her master, and many other of her illustrious predecessors, on one point : the perfection of the instrumental colours, which are so essential to this music. The interpretation is of total probity. Susan Landale shows an elegance which does not exclude dynamic force, classicism without rigidity, allowing  the polyphony to flow and to sing in its own liberty. This recording must be considered as a reference”.




Composition Orgue

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