Petr Eben


Organ works : with Petr Eben (choir organ) and him to discover Groth (trumpet)

In choosing the works for this recording, Susan Landale’s aim was not only to reveal their exceptional quality to the listener, but also help him to discover some aspects of the diversity and scope of Eben’s inspiration.

We can also follow the evolution of the author’s compositional language and technique over some 25 years, and become familiar with certain facets of his musical personality : deep spirituality in Musica dominicalis and Laudes; originality in the use of the organ, and its metamorphosis,  in Faust;  rhythmical freedom and independence of two instruments in Okna;  experiments in style and scale in Mutationes. But above all there is the desire to share his music which, in the words of Jean Langlais, “touches our heart because it is written with the heart”.

Indeed, the music of Eben seems often to fulfil the wish of Jehan Alain, a composer to whom he felt very close: “it would be a great joy for me if one of you readers suddenly  found something of himself in one of these lines….if you like my music, if it speaks to you, then my dream will have come true….I would wish that each one of you find in it his own thoughts, not mine.
Look, your face is like mine; we are brothers, come with me.”




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